65th Menton Festival de Musique

On August 1st Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer is giving a concert at 65th Menton Festival de Musique. The program includes works by A. Vivaldi, A. Piazzolla, and P. Glass with three distinctive musical interpretations of seasons of the year.

Menton Music Festival is the oldest classical music festival in France, which is gathering renowned orchestras and musicians since 1950. Just a year before the first festival, the idea was born in the mind of André Böröcz. While visiting Menton he was inspired by the harmony feeling while looking at Saint Michel square with its beautiful Baroque Church, the horizon at the Mediterranean sea and hearing the second partita for violin by Bach being played on a radio. This moment of a perfect arrangement had to be relived.

More about the concert here.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival in Germany

At Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival a whole week is devoted to its extraordinary guests – Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica.

All About Gidon – name of a scenic concert by and with Gidon Kremer – a title that as well reflects the entire project week featuring the world-known violinist at the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival. Here audiences can experience the multi-talented Latvian artist in unprecedented variety of settings and roles: as violinist, ensemble conductor, speaker, and performer in children’s concert and in a joint project with ballet.

Since its inaugural concert in 1990, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern festival has evolved into Germany’s third largest classical music festival. From June to September each year, around 120 concerts at more than 80 venues and the “Small Festival in the Big Park” all across the state attract large audiences to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

At the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern festival the concerts do no take place in ordinary concert halls but in rather unconventional venues: in stables and studs, industrial halls and on ships or open air – in the most beautiful palace gardens.

Official website of the festival here.

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Music Without Boundaries

In a Baroque style monastery church Basilica St. Mauritius of a small Bavarian city Niederalteich, Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica is giving a concert as a part of 62nd European Passau Festival.

The European weeks in Passau were the first festival in post-war Germany to present the idea of ​​a festival in a region – a festival that takes place not only in a single hall, but instead integrates event venues within an entire region.

Initially formulated as an objective “to show the cultural heritage of Western Europe and to emphasize the need for political merger to preserve and pass on the values ​​of this cultural heritage.” After a short time the Festival became more and more focused on the thought of limitless European culture in all its beauty and its many faces of the citizens of Passau, the wide surrounding area and also many foreign guests gathering to overcome political barriers and cultural encounters between people from the East and the West.

Today the European Passau Festival holds more than 60 events in 20 venues in Eastern Bavaria, Upper Austria and Bohemia.

More details about Kremerata Baltica performance here.