ARTISSIMO Festival Gala Concert

Kremerata Baltica is to appear at Gala concert “Years of Pilgrimage” at ARTISSIMO Festival in Jurmala, Latvia on August 8, Friday.

“Herman Braun Foundation” is carrying out a new project “Years of Pilgrimage.” Famous Latvian opera singers, jazzmen, soloists-instrumentalists, and orchestras are coming to entertain the audience.

“The name of the project encompasses several aspects of the reality of the contemporary life as a musician. Each renown musician is an ambassador of his own culture, school, methods of teaching. He is a pilgrim as well. Pilgrim or a wanderer is a traveler who is looking for experience, knowledge, wisdom and therefore goes on tour.” – Inna Davidova,  pianist-concertmistress, executive manager of “Herman Braun Foundation”

Other participants of the evening include Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, soloists Inga Kalna (soprano), Egils Silins (bass), Elina Buksa (violin), Mischa Maisky (violoncello), Ramon Jaffe (violoncello), Ksenija Sidorova (classical accordion), Janis Bombizo-Fedotovs (vibraphone), Daniil Bulayev (violin).

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