Kremerata Baltica at Sounds of the Dolomites festival

In July Kremerata Baltica goes on a musical journey to Brenta Dolomites that will become a kind of a small pilgrimage for musicians and their listeners with a soul that loves adventures, challenges, and has belief that live music is unconstrained by location. Taking their instruments on shoulders and reaching venues by foot, Kremerata Baltica musicians are going to perform at different locations of Madonna di Campiglio area, with no separation between the audience, performers, and nature. At the end of this special week Kremerata will meet sunrise playing music at the picturesque surroundings of Pra Castron di Flavona. To this sacred atmosphere Kremerata Baltica will be led by a cellist Mario Brunello, the artistic director of the “Sounds of the Dolomites” festival. 

“Sounds of the Dolomites” is a unique summer festival that takes place in the remote refuges and little towns up in the mountains of Brenta Dolomites, natural World Heritage Site since 2009. It features internationally acclaimed artists from all over the world, and the performances ranging from classical to jazz and world music. Besides the enchanting element of the festival – high altitude surroundings that became a natural backdrop of open air stages – the even more unique component is sensible authentic acoustic spaces, where the sounds of notes amaze the listeners by the original hues and inflections. Such a combination can be a challenge for even renowned artists as well as for their audience for a simple reason – reaching these “stages” includes trekking (accompanied by the local Alpine guides). Kremerata Baltica is taking the challenge with a youthful joy and aspiration and looking forward to meet their listeners at Sounds of the Dolomites!

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© Luciano Gaudenzio