Kremerata Baltica announces Autumn tour with Gidon Kremer

The autumn is here! The new season it’s called! So we are happy to announce that during October 18-21 Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer, joined by the young and talented pianist Georgijs Osokins, will travel to Ireland and Russia for a conceptually beautiful tour – “The Autumn tour”.

During the 3 concerts, the musicians will perform works by Desyatnikov, Schubert and Vasks, as well as present one of the orchestra’s latest creative programs – “SCHUBERT MEETS SILVESTROV” -, which was premiered just earlier this year in Latvia. As Maestro Kremer reflects about the project:

“The idea was born in a recent conversation between me and Valentin Silvestrov – a prominent Ukrainian composer who celebrated his 80th birthday last year. (…) After having experimented with all kind of composing technics in his youth, in his late works V.Silvestrov reminds us of the beauty tonality can have. He explores its “roots” in an unexpected way linking his statements to the best heritage of Romanticism but never falls into the trap of “clichés.” Valentin rather spins his individual voice around the samples left by romantic composers.”

During the first half of the concert you will hear a piece for violin and string orchestra “Wie der alte Leiermann” that was dedicated to Gidon Kremer by the Ukrainian composer Leonid Desyatnikov. This piece is based on the closing song of Schubert’s cycle “Die Winterreis”. There, beyond the village, stands a hurdy-gurdy player; with numb fingers he plays as best he can. No one wants to listen, no one looks at him, and the dogs growl around the old man.” so goes the text of the song. Leonid Desyatnikov masterfully transmits the mood and the meaning of these words in his composition.

This piece will be followed by the “Phantasy for Violin and Piano in C-major”, D.934 arranged for violin and string orchestra by a composer and a close friend of Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica, Victor Kissine. The theme is based on another Schubert’s song – “Sei mir gegrüsst” (“I greet you”). There is more to this song than the tittle suggests. “You who were torn from me and my kisses, I greet you!”* says the first line. This fantasy, full of virtuosity both in violin and piano part (in our case – the orchestra) has much more to offer than a mere technical brilliance – extraordinary modulations of moods take us on a truly emotional journey.

After the intermission, Gidon Kremer, Georgijs Osokins and Kremerata Baltica are going to present a project “Schubert meets Silvestrov”. In a conversation about this program, 23-year- old Latvian pianist Georgijs Osokins says, that he is looking forward to hearing the result of this connection – “Five Pieces for Violin and Piano”, dedicated to Gidon Kremer by Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov and the Minuets from the Schubert’s cycle “Five Minuets and 6 Trios”. When Gidon Kremer asked Valentin Silvestrov to arrange his five pieces for violin and the string orchestra, composer suggested a different idea – to do what Kremer calls “building bridges” – to mix Schubert’s music with these pieces one by one. Georgijs Osokins says: “I am happy and honored to be invited by Gidon Kremer to take part in this project. It is very interesting to mix the pieces of Schubert and Silvestrov. Their music is very fragile, intimate and romantic, full of beauty and purity. What connects these two composers is the feeling of darkness behind the doors that is always there.”


Join us for the concerts on October 18 at Dublin National Concert Hall in Ireland and on October 20 and on October 21 at the Zaryadye Concert Hall in Moscow, Russia.


Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer on tour

Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer on tour – ©P.Pellegrin / Magnum Photos