Discovering music of Miłosz Magin

We are looking forward to going to Paliesiaus Dvaras in Lithuania where we are going to spend a week discovering music of a Polish pianist and composer Miłosz Magin.

Considered one of the greatest Polish composers of the 20th century, Miłosz Magin is still relatively little known to the audience. Joined by our great soloists Gidon Kremer and Lucas Debargue we are going to discover this music ourselves and perform it on our concert in Paliesiaus Dvaras on the 25th of February.

On the March 3, we will perform the music of Magin with Gidon Kremer and Lucas Debargue in Cesis, Latvia. During this concert we will also present our exciting program “Hommage a Piazzolla” based on and around the music of one of our favorite composers Astor Piazzolla.

For more details about the times, programs and tickets, please visit our Events page.