Kronberg Academy Festival 2017 with Kremerata Baltica

Kremerata Baltica is participating at the Kronberg Academy Festival 2017 with several performances. 

A musical firework display and a feast for everyone who loves the violin, the viola and the cello. At the Kronberg Academy Festival there is no getting away from what Kronberg Academy stands for: inspiration, fascination, world stars and leading young musicians. “To a new world” has been chosen as the theme for the Kronberg Academy Festival in 2017. The Festival artists will be interpreting classical and contemporary works that have their roots in a sense of alienation and of setting off for new worlds.

During the concerts Kremerata Baltica will be accompanied by Mischa Maisky, Gidon Kremer, young and promising conductor from Lithuania Martynas Stakionis, and many other talented musicians from the Kronberg Academy and not only.

On September 30th Kremerata Baltica will be joined by violoncello player Truls Mork and violin players Itamar Zorman, Lara Boschkor in the program “Story(ies) with Orchestra”. Works by A. Sallinen, K. A. Hartmann, and F. Waxman in the program.

On October 2nd, Kremerata Baltica performance is marked by participation of their common guest and friend Mischa Maisky (violoncello). Later same evening, Gidon Kremer will perform a late night solo recital, playing „La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura“ by L. Nono exlusively for the friends of Kronberg Academy.

Finally, Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica will close the Festival on October 3rd at the same time marking Gidon Kremer’s 70th birthday and Kremerata Baltica’s 20th anniversary, widely celebrated earlier this year with tours in United States, Europe, and Asia.

In the program of the closing perfromance – works by J. Jancevskis, M. Ravel, F. Schubert, C. Ives, and a special visual project “Images D’Orient”. Focused on and around “Pictures from the East” by Robert Schumann, this new project offers an unusual encounter with the works of Nizar Ali Badr, a Syrian sculptor who has been enthusiastically discussed across the social platforms in recent months. Short audio-visual inserts placed between the movements of Schumann’s composition serve as contrasting pictures from the east. According to the Syrian sculptor his unique language of pebble sculptures should “spread happiness and love amid war, destruction, death, migration, exodus, chaos, poverty and injustice”. The animation is synchronised with the music from “Zodiac Melodies for Music Boxes” by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Selected parts of this cycle are performed by Gidon Kremer and the members of the Kremerata Baltica.