Meet Artem Firsanov – the director of the video to “Chronicle of Current Events”

“Chronicle of Current Events” is a musical performance with silent visuals. It is a tribute to a genius Polish-Russian composer Mieczysław Weinberg, whose centenary we are celebrating this year.

The musical program, carefully selected by Gidon Kremer from Weinberg’s scores, became a basis and inspiration for the video artists, who, using metaphors and allusions, draw the parallels between today and the last century.  Screenwriter Valeriy Pecheykin, cameraman Aleksey Venzos and director Artem Firsanov under curatorship of Kirill Serebrennikov joined Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica to tell a story about the artist’s fate, about life choices and about the casualties of Communism and the Holocaust.

We invite you to watch the interview with Artem Firsanov to know more about the director of the video and to watch his statement about the “Chronicle of Current Events” to know more about our project!

Interview with Artem Firsanov about his studies, freedom and love to the theater

Artem Firsanov – statement about the “Chronicle of Current Events”