In December 2018 we had a great time touring in Italy with the great musicians and personalities Gidon Kremer and Mario Brunello. Here is what Maestro Brunello had to say about our program:

“The purpose of this program is to become friendly with Mahler’s music. Mahler is a presence in the world of music that everyone recognizes, but, unfortunately, not everyone can get close with this composer – unless you are a conductor or play in a big symphony orchestra. The possibility to play his wonderful symphony with a chamber group is a must for every musician, because this is the musical language that we can’t understand if we don’t play it. We start with the short experiment of Mahler – Piano Quartet [in A minor], that he wrote when he was 15 or 16 years old and then jump to the last words that he said – his unbelievable Adagio from the Symphony No.10. In the middle we would have the serenity of his Symphony No.4 in arrangement for chamber group

We have gathered here some of the pictures, interviews, reviews from our tour here for you!

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Q&A with Mario Brunello